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      Famous U.S. Supreme Court Cases - Everyone should know these landmark decisions.

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Evidence (hearsay) - Learn what is defined as non-hearsay and the hearsay exceptions under the Federal Rules of Evidence. This topic allows you to spot issues in hypos and learn the Rules.
Black Letter Torts (negligence) - Here are a dozen questions on negligence, a topic ubiquitous within torts.
Contracts: Basic Issue Spotting - Can you spot the issues in the hypos?
Criminal Law (common law crimes) - Every student of criminal law should have these nine common law crimes memorized.
Criminal Law Fundamentals and the Inchoate Offenses (Issue Spotting) - See if you can spot the issues in these fourteen Criminal Law hypos.
Property (future interests) - Tackle this law student's nightmare of labyrinthine law. If you can master this topic, you are one bright web surfer. Many thanks to Professor Alex Johnson, property law master extraordinaire. His very challenging course inspired the creation of this topic.
Constitutional Law (For Professor A. E. Dick Howard's Con Law Class using the Gunther casebook). Can you tackle substantive due process? Try to discern trends in the law of our constitution and define what "rational basis" really means according to the Supreme Court. How many Justices Harlan are there, anyway?

The United States Supreme Court
Famous U.S. Supreme Court Cases - Everyone should know these landmark decisions .
Modern U.S. Supreme Court Justices - Learn revealing facts about the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Can you match the faces with the names?

Law Systems of the World
People in the English Legal System - Who is more important, the Master of the Rolls or the Lord Chancellor?
German Courts - Can you identify the German Supreme Court? Is there one?
Venezuelan Milestones - Venezuela is currently under its twenty-sixth constitution. The seventh constitution abolished capital punishment. When was it adopted?

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