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About the Virtual Flash service

At Virtual Flash, you can learn and have fun at the same time!

This web site presents the magic of the Virtual Flash® interactive online study aid service. Virtual Flash presents studying in a game format where you compete with other students around the world.

If you answer a question correctly, you won't see it again. If, however, you answer incorrectly, the question will continue to haunt you until you get it right. So, your study session lasts as long as it takes for you to get every question right.

Then, Virtual Flash will compute a percentage score and tell you how long it took to complete the topic. If you score well enough, your name will be added to the topic's Hall of Fame feature. We have found the best way to use Virtual Flash is to repeat the topic until you score 100%. The Hall of Fame gives you an incentive. If someone else did it, you can too!

Some people try to think of the answer while covering the answer choices with their hand. Then, they pull their hand away and see if the answer is indeed there. If it is, you really know the topic cold.

Our topic list covers a variety of subjects, including law, geography, history, biographies, foreign language, and vocabulary.

The concept of the Virtual Flash service was developed by Gregory Maurer, a graduate of the Old Dominion University Computer Science Department. Greg has implemented various software on a number of computer systems, beginning when he was 11. It's 2022, and he still loves programming!
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Virtual Flash topics are presented for academic and entertainment purposes only. Some of the topics relate to the study of law by law students, but nothing at this site should be construed as giving legal advice. For example, law students frequently study cases that have been overturned, so do not rely on this site for legal authority. If you have a legal problem, or are unsure if you have a legal problem, consult a competent professional.